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Herbal Cosmetics BY Natural Herbal Creams

Face mask for Acne Skin by natural herbal creams!

Deeply cleanses the skin from oily and aqueous impurities. Use: Apply on the face for 15 to 20 minutes 2-3 times per week!

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Blocks the Sun Radiation, Fully Protecting the Sensitive Skins for 6-8 Hours. Special Protection for the Lightening Treatments. Usage: Carefully Smear all Over the Face Without Leaving Gaps, Morning and Afternoon.

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Handmade herbal cosmetics by natural herbal creams!

We invite you through this blog to join this great group of people who trust us. Try our products, get to know who we are and our place in your life! 

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Learning the secrets of Natural Herbal Creams!

Both the processing unit and the growing areas are located near Mitsero village. The company runs a plantation of herbs covering an area of 2 hectares where 50-60 species (including 3,000 rose bushes) of herbs are carefully cultivated in order to attain the highest quality and aroma. Care and attention is taken during the processing of [...]

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Preservative free beauty products by natural herbal creams!

Natural herbal creams offers herbal cosmetics preservative free health and beauty products. Being preservatives free, these cosmetics have a shelf life of only 1 year. We OFFER handmade herbal cosmetics including a product range of more than 15 medicinal facial crèmes, liquid soaps and shampoos all made using natural ingredients.www.naturalherbalcreams.com

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Every woman wants something special for her skin!

Every woman wants something special for her skin, let today be every day and use the herbal products specially for you. Every time I use the facial mask-peeling on my face I can feel it smoothly clean and nice. It is the best gift I can give to myself.

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Hi Everyone,I have put a face mask on my skin its peeling and face mask together and I can really feel that it's working on my skin... I had to do it, I felt that I really need it... After I will rinse off with water and put on the lotion and the day cream. It's [...]

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Happy Mother's Day By Natural Herbal Creams!

Purchase over 50 Euro & we give you a 10 Euro discount off the order total. 

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Shop Now!

Shop Now! Purchase over 50 Euro & we give you a 10 Euro discount off the order total. 

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Achieve the Best Organic Facelift!

Richly Nourishes the Skin with its Active Herbal Ingredients, Keeps it Youthful, Firm and Ageless.Usage: Apply every night, with gentle circular upward movements using both hands at the same time, around the face and neck. With slightly prolonged massage, the best organic facelift is achieved.

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