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History Brief - Natural Herbal Creams

History Brief - Natural Herbal Creams

Founded and managed by Dr. Aristidis Katsos, the company is a leading grower of dry herbs and a specialized processor of medicinal herbal products ranging from herbal tea blends to natural cosmetics that are made exclusively from essential oils and herbal extracts.


Dr. Katsos holds a PHD in biochemistry with extensive working experience in internationally operating Pharmaceutical companies. He has carried out extensive scientific research in Chinese, Greek and Egyptian herbal medicine and has given a number of lectures and TV presentations on herbal medicine. He is the author of a book named ‘Health and Beauty with Herbs’. His experience and knowledge, led to the establishment of Arrisandra laboratories where, under his guidelines, unique herbal cosmetics and herbal tea blends are developed following in-house research and a series of lab tests before the final product is launched to the market. The company has been joined recently by the founder's son, Mr. Nicolas Katsos, who as an agricultural technologist is taking care of the three separate growing areas.


Both the processing unit and the growing areas are located near Mitsero village. The company runs a plantation of herbs covering an area of 2 hectares where 50-60 species (including 3,000 rose bushes) of herbs are carefully cultivated in order to attain the highest quality and aroma. An expansion program is under way that will increase the cultivated land and provide the raw material in order to meet growing demand for its products. The company is in the last stages of obtaining Certification for organic practices from LACOM and is due to launch into the market its new, herbal organics range of products targeting at the markets of mainland Europe.


During the last twelve years, Dr Katsos has developed a number of herbal tea blends each one suited to a particular medicinal problem. Fourteen of his experiments have been turned into final products and currently make up the line of herbal teas, distributed into the market through pharmacies and health shops. An estimated of 50,000 tea bag packages (of 80 gr each) are distributed every year to Cyprus and Greece and the expansion strategy has set a target of increasing volumes by 50% in the next two years.


Besides the herbal tea business, Arrisandra has a strong presence in the herbal cosmetics market, producing and marketing natural, preservative free health and beauty products. Being preservatives free, these cosmetics have a shelf life of only 1 year.  Dr. Katsos herbal cosmetics include a product range of more than 15 medicinal facial crèmes, liquid soaps and shampoos all made using natural ingredients.

Learning the secrets of Herbal Medicine

Care and attention is taken during the processing of herbs in order to achieve an end product that is free from foreign particles and chemical residues. A great percentage of the herbs used as raw materials are taken from the company’s own plantations. 

Harvesting takes place at the appropriate time to achieve full aroma and experience guides into the best practices for harvesting and drying the herbs. Herbal tea blends require a careful combination of active herbs and Dr. Katsos is an expert in selecting the ideal recipes that are best suited to combat particular health problems. The greatest proportion of the blend (60%) includes the active herbs whose medicinal properties are appropriate for the specific health issue. The rest of the blend (40%) contains herbs of a holistic medicinal value and herbs with a strong aroma giving the end product a touch of aroma and taste and a total body relief when consumed. The three types of herbs are well blended to give products that are strongly aromatic and rich in medicinal value.  Dr Katsos has a deep knowledge of the medicinal value of herbs and their interactions with the human body. His theoretical background and practical experience on the culture, properties and attributes of aromatic herbs, offer the guarantee for products that are high in quality and medicinal value.

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